About Us

We are Puerto Ricans helping Puerto Ricans.

ACOMERPR is providing at-risk geriatric & earthquake temporary shelter camp residents throughout PR with access to food & medical resources that they would otherwise have no way of acquiring in the wake of the COVID-19 Crisis. We are coordinating with able-bodied volunteers & existing supply chains to provide critical goods to these isolated & in-need communities.

What we Are Doing

Our Goal

We are aiming to support 20,000 individuals from the geriatric and communities affected by earthquakes throughout the island while supporting local industry and bolstering Puerto Rico’s economy during this public health and financial crisis.

Our Task

In particular we are providing the procurement and delivery of medical and nutritional goods that should last one person, one week to communities in need.

We are also delivering nutritional and medical goods to paying clientele to fund our NGO efforts.

Our Focus

We are community focused and want to help as many people as we can. However, we are mainly offering these services both to communities who can not afford these products and communities & individuals who can or will not risk leaving their homes.

How We Are Doing It

Professional Partnerships

We are in collaboration and contact with many, ngo’s, corporations, foundations, distributors and goods producers throughout the island of Puerto Rico and we have determined the best way to deliver goods to at-risk communities & individuals without propagating contagion unnecessarily and reducing the need for people to leave their homes.

Community Outreach
Community Leaders

We have established a network of 288 geriatric facilities and 18 earthquake victim camps throughout the whole of Puerto Rico who are in high-risk. We have established a team of volunteers who is contacting the designated community leaders for this region and determining what these communities need, how much they need, how often they need resupplies & how to get supplies to them as efficiently as possible.

Technology & Social Media

We have set up this web page and our Facebook page with the hopes that it can reach as many people as possible. However, we are aware of the barriers that our target communities face in interacting with these platforms, primarily the lack of access to them. As such, we are hoping to reach out to conventional media sources and community leaders through our online presence in order to engage local community leaders who are in need of support.

We are also partnering with leading social need platforms such as Sociants & Needslist in order to provide our community leaders with the accountability & traceability of goods that they need and are provided to them over the course of time. We will help community leaders set up these connections so that in the future they can be well equipped to respond to any natural disaster.

Funding Sources

We are using a two-pronged approach to funding. While there are many available funding sources that we are applying to and we also plan on asking for donations, we believe that this is not a stable income source that can support the communities in need. While we will go about the traditional fundraising routes for most non-profits, we will also be operating as a procurement and delivery service for paying clientele. We plan to use all of the profits gained ,after operational expenses of ACOMERPR are taken into account, to fund the procurement and delivery of goods for communities in need throughout the island.

Below you will find two graphics that explain our vision moving forward.

Income Based Community Crisis Support Personal Delivery Revenue Model
Hybrid Funding Source Model

Who We are Working With

Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico

The Banco de Alimento de Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization that supports thousands of people across the island to receive food in their time of need. They have provided us storage space in order to house our supplies. The people who run this center are tremendous beings and we are very lucky that they are supporting us!

Meals on Wheels America

We are officially a MWA 2020 Member Organization and are excited to be working alongside this nationwide organization!

Proyecto 821

Project 821 is a community organization that is focused on supporting the Guánica region that has been heavily impacted by the recent earthquakes. They have supported us in identifying 4000+ homes in need throughout Guánica and are supporting us in the distribution of goods throughout the region. Seeing them in action motivates us to be a better organization and continue supporting our fellow Boricuas!

Who Do We Buy Produce From

Who Has Supported Us (So Far)

The 1517 COVID-19 Grant provided us with the initial funding to get our project started and the 1517 community has been fundamental in getting our project off the ground.

The World Central Kitchen Puerto Rico Branch has connected us with local fresh product farmers, through their Plow To Plate program, who will be instrumental in this initiative’s success. They also helped us determine the best safety guidelines when delivering to communities. You may find those here.

They are helping reach out with organizations around the world that can provide supplies to our relief efforts and keep track of our donation efforts.

Gustavo Díaz has been a key mentor and advocate throughout this initiative. He has helped us flush out this idea into a reality, connected us with local resources and constantly provided us his shoulder and advice. Without his support, we would not have been able to reach as many people as we have today.

Ariel Lee is an amazing designer,entrepreneur,polyglot and philanthropist who helped design our logo. She is constantly thinking of ways of giving back to the community and impact the world around her. She’s been a true inspiration and you can check out some of her amazing work here.

Makers Against COVID-19 Puerto Rico

They have provided us with 50 3-D printed masks that we will supply to our communities and provided us with the logistical delivery of these.

Sams Club Mayaguez

They helped us get our first delivery to Project 821 and provided us support throughout the whole procurement process.

American Association of Pediatrics

The PR AAP Chapter helped ACOMERPR realize its vision by funding critical goods to support families in Puerto Rico affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic & the 2020 PR earthquakes on the southern region of the island.

Financial Documentation & Company Status

501 (c) 3 ACOMERPR Determination Letter

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