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ACOMERPR Disaster Relief Efforts

Community Relief

1. Community Kitchens

a. Cash Grants: $500

We are providing cash grants to community kitchens to buy fresh produce. These community kitchen purchases can feed up to 200 people per purchase. We are working with community kitchens throughout Puerto Rico. Some of these centers serve as electricity and water hubs for areas that haven’t restored electricity. Community members can shower and laundry while their children watch TV on the center wifi.

b. Partnership+ Connections Among Orgs.

We are working with partner organizations,such as Hispanic Federation, to provide our community kitchens with produce that is bought and provided by other organizations directly to these organizations.

c. Produce Donation

We are receiving and routing dried and fresh produce donations from the private and public sector directly to our community kitchens.

2. Community Leader Distributions

a. Produce Delivery

We are receiving and routing dried and fresh produce
donations from the private and public sector directly to our community
leader partners throughout the island. These products are distributed by
community leaders directly to the beneficiaries in their communities:

3. Regional Distributions

a. Description:

We are partnering with “Centro Unido de Detallistas”, “Ricky Martin Foundation” and “Colegio de Cirujanos Médicos” to provide produce to regions of Puerto Rico. These distributions are larger and targeted towards thousands of people spread through various municipalities. The produce is bought from Puerto Rican farmers to support local farmers efforts.

Agricultural Relief

1. Volunteer Coordination

a. Description:

We are working with several organizations to coordinate volunteer efforts for agricultural produce recovery. There were thousands of tons of produce lost and we are helping farmers recover some of the losses in their harvest. Gustavo Díaz is leading this joint-effort with ACOMERPR from Adjuntas.

2. Surveying of Damages

a. Description:

We are working together with the Puerto Rico Farm Bureau and the “Servicio de Extensión Agrícola” to provide farmers throughout the island with access to technical assistance post Hurricane Fiona. We are constructing a top-down survey with the these two organizations to assess the damages post-hurricane to better inform recovery efforts.

3. Recovery Grant

a. Description:

If enough funds are raised, then we will support farmers with micro grants (~$5,000) to promote recovery efforts. These grants will be administered by the farmers themselves towards reconstruction or raw-seed purchases for a new harvest.

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