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We are working with various suppliers throughout the island to find you these products, so we can foment local business and increase delivery times for our clients and communities.

Please keep track of what products you want to order and then fill out the google form here .

If there is a particular product that you want and it is not in this list please email and we will try to add to find a supplier that can provide it and, if possible, add it to the catalog within 2 business days.

We are constantly adding to our catalog and working to reduce the high costs by getting bulk orders. In order to get bulk orders however, we need to generate enough orders in order to buy these products. If in a weekly order, we are able to meet the demand of a bulk order, we will refund customers according to the bulk prices that we receive from our suppliers.

Please keep in mind that the slight markup for the products is in order to support ACOMERPR’s giving campaign, but if you find that these prices are too expensive, please reach out to and we will connect you directly with our suppliers. We do not want to propagate price gouging in any way!

All medical products are tax exempt and currently we are paying 1% tax for all non-prepared nutritional goods at our suppliers.

Again if you are a first responder’s organization looking for these products, email us directly at and we will connect you directly with our suppliers.

Dry Produce

Arroz Rico Grano Largo

Price: $2.25/bag

Canned Chicken (3.25 oz)

Price$1.25/can; $6.5/6pack

Goya Red Beans

Price: $1.25/can; $ 6/6 pack

Leche Indulac

Price: $2.75/carton; $29.5/12 pack


Price: $13/ 18pack


Price: $3.25/unit; $25/8pack

Starkist Tuna

Price: $2/can; $13.5/ 12 pack

Sweet Corn (15.5 oz)

Price: $1/can

Tortilla Chips Doña Lola de Puerto Rico (8 oz.)

Price: $5/Bag

Water Gallons Aqua Life

Price: $1.25/Gallon; $4.25/4pack

Vienna Sausages/ Chalchichas

Price: $1/can; $12/18pack

Fresh Produce

These items are sourced from local good providers and are fresh out of the farm.

Aji Dulce De Puerto Rico

Bundles of 1lb. – $3.50

Berenjena De Puerto Rico

Unit Cost- $1.50

Calabaza De Puerto Rico

This item will be billed upon delivery.

Per Pound Cost: $1.2/lb

Cilantrillo De Puerto Rico

Bundles of 1/4 Lb. – $1.50

Guanabanas de Puerto Rico

Price: Unavailable Right Now

Lechuga de Puerto Rico

Price: 2.25/Bundle

Pan Holsum 100% Integral

Price: $3.5/Bag

Papayas de Puerto Rico

Price: Unavailable Right Now

Parchas de Puerto Rico

Price: $2.5/4 small parchas; $4/2 medium parchas

Pimientos de Puerto Rico

Price: Unavailable At The Moment

Platanos de Puerto Rico

Price: $1.10/ Plantain

Tomates de Puerto Rico

Price : $ 2.75/4 tomatos

Medical & Sanitary Goods

These items are in high demand so if you are ordering these please keep in mind that we will try our best to get them to you quickly and try to limit your order for 1 box per group of 4 people.

KN95 Masks

These masks are the highest filtration masks that we currently have available. The cost is high because of high shipping costs from abroad. We are working with local providers to try to get the prices down.

Price: $5.5/Mask; $110/Box

Units: 20 Masks/Box

Disposable Surgical Masks

These masks should meet the basic hygienic standard and are FDA approved.

Price: $1.5/Mask; $75/Box

Units: 50 Masks/Box

Artisanal Masks

These masks are hand crafted by local artisan’s and they should be usable for longer period,but less risky, activities than the normal masks. These masks can be customized according to the fabric available at the moment of order. The filter can be replaced in these masks and we will mail you the instructions if you purchase this product. Email with design requests.

While we do not recommend reusing these masks, if you do reuse them : wash them, expose them to the sun for 2 days; before you use them again.

Price: $6/Mask

Units: 1 Mask

Surgical Grade Gloves

These gloves meet the basic hygienic standard and are FDA approved. Unfortunately these products can not be sold individually without compromising their sanitation standard.

Price: $26/Box

Units: 100/Box

Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is what you would find in a swag-bag. We do not know it’s sanitation value as it has not been approved by the FDA.

Price: $2/Bottle

Units: 1 Bottle

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