Project 821

Located In: Guanica, Puerto Rico 00653

Contact Information:

«While everyone talks, we get up and do.» -Project 821 Community Leader

Project 821 is a group of committed community leaders who have banded together in order to support all the residents of Guanica who are in need of support during these troubling times. They are still keeping track of who needs support and where but they estimate that there are more than 400 families in need throughout Guanica.

There are currently no supermarkets in Guanica and many of the people there have had their homes destroyed due to the recent earthquakes throughout the southern border of the island. Many of the people who used to be in the earthquake victim camps have now resorted to living outside their houses in tents, for fear of catching the virus in the camps. However, there are still many families with no house or tent to return to and depend on Project 821 for critical supplies and support.

In Need Of:

Nutritional Goods x 200 units weekly

Construction Services & Goods


Sanitation & Health Products x 200 units weekly

First Round Of Support:

We delivered the first batch of deliveries to Project 821 and provided them with the following goods, enough to feed 30-40 families for 1 week during these troubling times.

Pictures Of Collaboration & Community

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